Fees and Charges

See below for a breakdown of tuition fees and other expenses, such as laptop hire and charges for excursions, special activities, etc.

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YEAR 7 – $5,241.50

YEAR 8 – $4,955.50

YEAR 9 – $5,460.50

YEAR 10 – $4,743.50


Annual accounts are distributed in Term 1. Accounts will be printed with a payment schedule that is nominated by parents on the enrolment form. This schedule must be adhered to in order to avoid overdue notices. Reminders will be sent throughout the year.

Families who may be experiencing difficulties in making fee payments must contact the principal or business manager in advance to discuss alternative payment plans.


Sydney Catholic Schools’ Tuition Fee

The Sydney Catholic Schools’ Tuition Fee is established and charged by the Sydney Archdiocesan Catholic Schools (SACS) Board and is common to all Catholic systemic schools. This fee is charged on an increasing incremental basis as students progress through high school, and on a decreasing incremental basis for the second and subsequent child attending a Catholic systemic school. It contributes to:

  • Wages for teachers and support staff
  • Resources for schools
  • Special programs
  • Providing support services
  • Student accident insurance
  • Public liability and volunteer workers’ insurance


The sibling reduction is 10% for the second child, and 35% for the third child in the system. Any subsequent children (e.g third, fourth, fifth child) attending a Sydney Catholic school are not required to play this fee.

Building Levy
This levy is used for the purpose of servicing debts owing on the construction of school buildings and facilities. If there are students from the one family in two or more Catholic systemic schools in the archdiocese, this fee is divided evenly between the schools, provided we are notified by the fee payer.

ICT Levy

This fee contributes to the cost of the continual updating of computing hardware, software and related technology.

Laptop Hire

This fee includes the hire of the laptop, any installed educational applications, the warranty, bag or protector, and a maintenance fee.

From Year 7 2019: rollout of the BYODD (Bring Your Own Designated Device) policy for each Year 7 cohort

Years 8 & 9 2019: Commencing in 2017, laptops will be hired for 4 years.




Subject Resource Fee
This fee covers the cost of conducting the educational programs and providing educational experiences, equipment, materials and resources. It includes:

  • Photocopied resources and paper
  • Teaching resources and materials
  • Classroom, workshop and specialist equipment
  • Library resources and equipment
  • Pastoral care resources

  • Targeted learning initiatives
  • Student diaries
  • Literacy resources
  • Library ID cards for students
  • Awards and presentations, medals and badges

Sports Fee

The sports fee covers the cost of instructors, buses, referees and venues. In addition, this fee is used to purchase team uniforms and equipment for sports and other activities.

Excursions and Other fees

Excursions, camps and competition fees are calculated for the whole year. Each year group will be attending a camp/field trip and the cost of this is included in this fee.


This charge covers the cost of digital text books that are installed on the laptop including the subjects of religious education, mathematics, science, history and geography.

Year 9 & 10 Elective Subjects

Elective subjects have higher charges due to additional requirements such as extra resources and excursions.

College Band: Students in the College Band pay a tuition fee for musical instruction. This fee may be higher if a musical instrument is supplied by the College.

Year 10 Immersions 

Immersions are separate to school fees and will not appear on your fee statement.

State and Federal Grants

The State and Federal Governments provide Sydney Catholic Schools with recurrent grants. However, on average, each student in a Catholic systemic school receives around $3,000.00 less in total government funding than their peers in government schools. This shortfall is a burden that falls on parents through school fees and building levies. These grants do not come directly to the College – they are used by Sydney Catholic Schools primarily for the purpose of paying staff wages.

Fees Payment Options
Annual accounts will be issued in Term 1 with reminders in Terms 2, 3 and 4 on balances overdue. Accounts are printed with a payment schedule as requested by parents on the enrolment form eg. annually, fortnightly, monthly or by term. Where students join the school during the year, a pro rata account for fees will be arranged.

Fees may be paid by EFTPOS, Bpay, credit card, cash or cheque. We encourage periodic payments options through bpay via your internet banking as it makes it easier for many families to budget throughout the year.

Families unable to meet fee payment schedules must contact the principal or business manager in advance at the start of the year to discuss alternative payment plans.



General Service Fee

  • Electricity, gas and water
  • Telephones and internet
  • Cleaning and waste management
  • General repairs and maintenance, and fire safety
  • Printing and photocopying
  • Postage and stationery

  • Staff professional development
  • College newsletter, yearbook and prospectus
  • Improvements to buildings
  • Furniture and equipment
  • Administration requisites and equipment