College Prayer

In proclaiming the Gospel, De La Salle Catholic College strives to make known the values and teachings of Jesus Christ. St John Baptist de la Salle was convinced that touching the hearts of our students and inspiring them with the Christian spirit is the greatest miracle a Catholic school can perform.

Lasallian Prayer 

At the beginning of the prayer…

Leader: Let us remember that we are in the presence of God
All: We shall continue O God to do all our actions for the love of you

At the end of the prayer… 

Leader: St John Baptist De La Salle
All: Pray for us
Leader: Live Jesus in our hearts
All: Forever

College Anthem

Lord, we bring our thanks and praises
For the life of De La Salle
Who for youth, deprived, neglected
Gave the world the Christian Schools.

Glory be to God the Father
Praise to Jesus Christ the Son,
Honour to the Holy Spirit
For the Life of De La Salle

Faith in God his guiding beacon.
Love for youth his one true call.
Leaving home, possessions, family,
dedicated to his cause.

May we follow his great vision.
May we sense his love and zeal.
May we share his dedication,
with him answer God’s great call.