Arts & Media

Pyramids, cathedrals, and rockets exist not because of geometry, theories of structures, or thermodynamics, but because they were first a picture– literally a vision–in the minds of those who built them. Society is where it is today because people had the perception; the images and the imagination; the creativity that the Arts provide, to make the world the place we live in today.

Eugene Ferguson, Historian

The visual arts curriculum at De La Salle Catholic College Caringbah supports a contemporary, cross curricular approach to art education. Our teachers are trained visual arts educators and practitioners who recognise the importance of the visual arts in developing and shaping social and cultural beliefs and values. Our art educators are passionate about teaching essential 21st century skills including critical thinking, problem solving and the art of communication. Students regularly participate in learning opportunities that foster and enhance creativity and innovation and they are given every opportunity to strive for excellence.

Our teaching supports a culture of learning with a contemporary approach to innovation and the incorporation of technology. Students are regularly engaged in projects where they are challenged to learn new skills and ideas. Our approach to assessment supports and values tasks that have ‘real world’ applications to ensure our young men are actively engaged in authentic learning experiences as well as being supported in developing the necessary skills for self-directed learning, an essential skill for success in the latter years of senior and higher education as well as when entering the workforce.

Visual arts students at De La Salle Catholic College Caringbah are given an excellent grounding in a wide range of art forms. They explore and experiment with a variety of traditional artmaking skills and techniques (painting, drawing, ceramics, printmaking and sculpture) as well as contemporary approaches to artmaking (coding, 3D printing, 4D art forms such as digital photography and media). Students partake in a number of incursions and excursions throughout the year where they experience opportunities to work closely with art educators and practising artists.

Students at De La Salle College Caringbah are very well prepared for the transition to the Stage 6 Visual Arts course where students will further build on and refine their existing skill set and focus on developing a body of work for the HSC.