iNNOV8 Now

The iNNOV8_NOW@DeLa project aims to develop strong partnerships between our school and industry experts with a focus on developing STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) and 21st century skills to equip our students for success in future careers.

Goals of iNNOV8 Industry Partnerships:


To work closely with our transition coordinator to consistently offer authentic work experience placements to students from the College.


To provide opportunities for our students to learn about from industry about their business, their profession and possible career pathways, especially from past-students of De La Salle Catholic College Caringbah, in order for our students to develop an understanding of how study at secondary, TAFE or university level, and hard work, can lead to successful and fulfilling careers.


To engage with partners that are willing to work with teachers to develop interesting, challenging, real-life learning opportunities for our students and/or assist teachers in increasing their knowledge of industry standard products related to their field.

As part of our iNNOV8@DELA project we are seeking to reconnect with our past student population. We recognise that many of the men who have graduated from the College have gone on to be highly successful in a wide variety of pursuits, from tradespeople and entrepreneurs, to doctors and lawyers, to politicians and professional sportsmen, and everything in between.

We invite any past students of DLSCCC to complete the Past Students/Alumni Records form. By doing so, the College will ensure that you have access to up-to-date information about events at the College and alumni. We are also looking for people in the community who are willing to assist us in achieving any of the above goals. Can you help? If so, please complete the Industry Partners – DLSCCC Community form