House Patrons at the College

At De La Salle Catholic College Caringbah, five house patrons with strong Lasallian connections form the house system. Each student is allocated to a house for the duration of their schooling at the College. The five houses include:

  • Benildus
  • Dermot
  • Kilian
  • Miguel
  • Solomon

Benildus House – Blue
Benildus: 1805-1862
Feast Day: 13th August


Pierre Romancon was educated by the De La Salle Brothers in the early 1800s. Pierre was an excellent student, becoming a part-time teacher at the age of 14 and taking his vows to become a religious brother that same year. Pierre then took the name Brother Benildus. Benildus taught classes and catechism, visited the sick, and encouraged over 20 of his students to become members of the De La Salle Brothers. He showed generosity, effective teaching and a high sanctity. Benildus is the patron saint of accordionists, as he would lead prayer songs by playing an accordion.

Dermot House – Gold
Dermot: 1919-2007


Dermot Brosnan became a De La Salle Brother in Ireland in 1935. Two years later he arrived in Australia and saw Caringbah was in need of a new school to meet the educational and spiritual needs of its children. He served 70 years as a brother in the Lasallian community here at Caringbah, continuously teaching and becoming principal in his time. He is the founding principal of De La Salle Catholic College Caringbah, starting his teachings in the ‘dungeon’, the basement of the old church at Keller Hall.

Kilian House – Orange


Brother Killian Ryan was a long standing principal at the College, from 1974-1980. He was responsible for expanding the college’s facilities to cater for the growing student population. His great zeal, empathy and generosity inspired staff and students around him. He now resides at the Lasallian Community, Cronulla.

Miguel House – Red

Miguel: 1854-1910
Feast Day: February 9th


Francisco Cordero, born in Ecuador, was initially unable to walk. At age five he was able to walk and was enrolled into a Lasallian school. He heard the call to his vocation to become a De La Salle Brother and after much opposition from his family, became a brother at age 24 taking on the name Brother Miguel. Br Miguel published various Spanish textbooks, seeking a life of education and teaching others. Later in 1977 he was declared a Saint. Br Miguel brought peace to those in his company, fostering an extraordinary life of service.

Solomon House – Green

Solomon: 1745-1792


At the time of the French Revolution many clergy were forced to take an oath to support the constitution. Many brothers refused and were therefore forced to abandon their schools and communities. Brother Solomon refused to take an oath but remained in Paris in secrecy. He was later arrested and died in prison. Brother Solomon showed a great love for people and a great attachment to his work, having been the first brother to be beatified in 1926.


Student Leadership

A Student Representative Council (SRC) is formed at the College to achieve the following points:

  • Represent concerns of all students
  • Attend meetings to discuss issues that have arisen
  • Help organise and participate in school events e.g. Opening Mass, De La Day
  • Participate in school fundraising events

The College SRC diagram outlines the different levels of leadership that students can apply for.