School Attendance

The College provides teacher supervision of students in the school grounds before school commencing from 8.15am. After dismissal from school in the afternoon, students are to proceed directly home unless waiting for a family member.


If a student is late for school, ie. if he arrives after the 8.35am bell, he must report to the College Office and sign in using his barcode in his diary. A note from parents is required to explain any lateness after 8.35am. All lateness will be checked and persistent late comers will have parents notified. Unexplained lates are recorded on student reports.


If a student is absent from school a note of explanation from his parents addressed to his Homeroom teacher MUST be given to that teacher on the day of his return to school. Unexplained absences are recorded on student reports.

Requests for permission to leave school early must be put in the form of a written request to the Homeroom teacher. Students report to the College Office before departure and on return to school.

A student requiring leave for family holidays needs to apply for Leave from school to the Principal (click here). Exemption from Attendance at school due to an elite sporting program/entertainment industry program must also be applied for using the correct form. Forms are available from the parent portal and the school office. It should be noted that this absence is often disruptive to a student’s progress and is to only be requested if there is no other alternative. This is very important for Record of School Achievement (RoSA) regulations.

Illness and Accidents

If a student is ill at school he should report to the College Office, and if necessary a parent/guardian/emergency contact will be notified and asked to pick him up. With serious accidents a student will be taken straight to Casualty and parents will be notified. The college is a member of the Ambulance Fund and the cost of ambulance transport to hospital is covered by this fund.

Every effort is made to make parent contact as soon as possible. It is important that contact phone numbers are recorded at the College Office in case of emergency.

Students are covered by The Catholic Church Insurances Limited for any accidents that may occur during school time and on authorised school activities. This is for out of pocket expenses only after all other avenues for reimbursement have been made but does not cover any gap amounts from Medicare. The insurance is included in your school fees.