The official school uniform is available from Lowes at Westfield Miranda, who are our preferred supplier and gold sponsor of the CEO Foundation.

Boys are expected to have natural hair colour with standard haircuts which look neat and tidy. Radical haircuts will not be permitted, for example, no tails, hawks or shaved heads (less than 2). Please refer to the Haircut Policy (click here)

Earrings, rings, necklaces and wristbands are not permitted.

Summer Uniform – Terms 1 & 4

  • Navy shorts
  • College cap
  • College grey socks (short with college colours)
  • White poly/cotton short sleeve shirt with college crest on the pocket
  • Blue college v-neck jumper (if required)
  • Traditional hard, black leather shoes (no soft leather)
  • College bag

Winter Uniform – Terms 2 & 3

  • Grey trousers
  • Blazer
  • College tie
  • College cap
  • Blue College v-neck jumper (to be worn under blazer if required)
  • White poly/cotton short or long sleeve shirt
  • Traditional hard, black leather shoes (no soft leather)
  • Black or grey socks to be worn with the long grey trousers (coloured or football socks are not permitted)
  • College bag

Sports Uniform – All Year

  • White sport shirt with crest
  • College house shirt
  • Blue shorts with DLS embroidery
  • College sport tracksuit for warmth
  • Blue college v-neck jumper (no other jumpers may be worn, even if a note is provided by parents)
  • Lace up sport shoes (not skate shoes or canvas-style shoes)
  • Official white college sport socks
  • Students who need to wear particular clothing for their sport (eg. oztag) need to bring to change into
  • College bag

Technological & Applied Studies (TAS) Uniform

Due to the nature of materials and tools used in the practical workrooms, the students must wear protective clothing and for this purpose are required to purchase an apron.

In addition, when working in practical rooms the students MUST wear hard black leather shoes. Shoes made from soft material such as sandshoes and joggers are not permitted. Students who are not wearing suitable protective clothing and footwear will not be permitted to participate in practical lessons for obvious safety considerations.